icono_normas_uso_hotel_villa_miel-01 TERMS AND CONDITIONS

All hotel areas have been designed to meet high quality standards and ensure our guests’ comfort and wellbeing. Adequate use of the facilities is essential to guaranteeing our service quality. Therefore, all specific rules applicable to facilities and equipment must be observed during your stay.

You shall respect all guests. Please do not make noise at night or early in the morning.

Any parties, loud music and noises that may disturb the other guests are strictly forbidden.

The use of the air conditioning unit must be reasonable and only while you are at the room.

When a reservation is made, guests agree to observe the rules of Hotel Villa Miel.

If any of the rules are not observed, Hotel Villa Miel shall be entitled to ask guests and their visitors to leave, the customer not being entitled to compensation.

icono_servicio_limpieza_hotel_villa_miel_2-02 CLEANING SERVICE

Rooms are cleaned on a daily basis. Towels are changed daily and the bed linen twice a week.

To facilitate cleaning tasks and in order not to disturb you, please use the cards hanging from the doorknob.



The cleaning service works until 14.00h but we can offer clean towels to you afterwards.


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