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Avenida Cristòfol Colom 92 , Entrada en Calle Llum n° 14 Cala Millor – Mallorca 07560

Latitude: 39.595968
longitude : 3.381555

How to get there

To get to our little hotel we offer you several transportation options. The fastest way is by taxi, but if you are not in a hurry there are several cheaper ways to get there. Here we propose you the different options:

Several of our customers from last year used public transport and were very satisfied. You can find all the information you need at: In the summer the aerotib, a line that connects the airport with Cala Millor without having to pass through Palma, is in operation. The approximate cost per person is 12 euros. In winter you should take LINE 1 from the airport to Palma (with a frequency of 15 minutes and a journey time of 20 minutes approx.) and LINE 412 from Palma to Cala Millor (1 hour and 20 minutes approx.).


To book a transfer from the airport to Cala Millor you can do it in any of these pages:
The approximate cost per person is 10 euros one way, and 15 euros round trip. But we cannot guarantee the duration of the journey, which can take from 2.5 to 4 hours.


You can rent a rental car from an airport office, for example at
Driving route from google maps: see route
Coordenadas: 39°35’45.5″N, 3°22’53.6″E


The taxi is the fastest and most comfortable option but it is also the most expensive, the approximate cost of the journey is about 80 euros and you can book directly at

Discover the advantages of booking through our website and get up to a 5% DISCOUNT

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